Galaxy Cupcakes

Galaxy Cupcakes


Galaxy Cupcakes gone Cake Mix, Eggs, Sweet Cream Butter, cumulative Milk, Vanilla Extract, Gel Food Colouring, Cupcake, Sweet Cream Butter, Powder Sugar, Vanilla Extract, muggy Whipping Cream, Gel Food Colouring, Sprinkles

The ingredient of Galaxy Cupcakes

  1. 1 box cake mixture combination your favourite
  2. 3 eggs at room temp
  3. 1/2 cup sweet cream butter softened unsalted
  4. 1 cup gather together milk
  5. 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  6. gel food colouring Black, Purple, Leaf Green and way of being Blue
  7. cupcake Baking Pan
  8. 1 cup sweet cream butter unsalted, softened
  9. 2 1/2 cups powder sugar
  10. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  11. 5 tablespoons close whipping cream
  12. gel food colouring Black, Purple, Leaf Green and proclaim Blue
  13. 1 cup sprinkles galaxy, see below

The instruction how to make Galaxy Cupcakes

Nutritions of Galaxy Cupcakes

calories: 430 calories
carbohydrateContent: 50 grams
cholesterolContent: 85 milligrams
fatContent: 24 grams
fiberContent: 1 grams
proteinContent: 4 grams
saturatedFatContent: 13 grams
sodiumContent: 260 milligrams
sugarContent: 39 grams

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